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Our Story

In 1970, two brothers established Metlege Bros. Builders and Construction. Their dedication and self-motivation led to the successful beginning of a construction company which won for itself a reputation as a leader in the construction industry. Today, over forty years later, the company stands firm and the Metlege family of builders are still recognized as icons in the construction industry.

18 years ago, the sons of Metlege Bros., continuing the ideals and values of their fathers, established Metway Developments. Displaying the same commitment to success as their fathers, Metway Developments has reinforced the family stronghold as builders, developers, and project managers into the twenty-first century.

At Metway Developments, we believe that forming strong relationships with all of our contractors is essential in achieving the highest quality of work. The team of contractors associated with the company are of the highest standard, and the quality of their workmanship is a reflection of the mutual rapport we share with all our staff.

Through honesty, integrity and personal service, it is our aim to generate client satisfaction and confidence. Our company’s activities have not only been limited to our clients’ construction projects, but from time to time, we have engaged in our own residential jobs. It is this experience that makes our company all the more valuable to our clients because, like them, we too understand that time, quality and budgets are imperative.

“I grew up on building sites. As far back as I could remember my father would take both my brother and I to work with him all the time. He taught us the value of hard work and dedication but most importantly he taught us to be passionate about each project. I take pride in my work and I’m committed to having my finger on the pulse in all facets of my business.”

Victor Metlege
Managing Director

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